World Records

Demon is the World's Most Extreme Fire Eater. He holds multiple world records for putting extremely high temperatures in his mouth in seemingly impossible feats. These include:

  • Licking a 1000 degree F red hot knife 4 times (beating his own previous record of 2 times)

  • Eating the most burning Doritos in one minute (4 chips)

  • Hottest flame extinguished on the human tongue for extinguishing a 6300 degreee F oxyacetylene cutting torch on his tongue, a feat he has repeated live for a radio station

  • Most times extinguishing a cutting torch on his tongue while also on fire in a stunt body burn (twice)

  • Demon also holds the world record for the longest oxyacetylene weld with the welding rod in his nose at 4" of continuous weld, a record that combines his sideshow skills wit his skills as an experienced journeyman welder







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